Update, GSA Virtual Conference (21 July 2020)

GSA 2020 (updated 21 July 2020)

(Please click here to see a version of an email that went out to seminar conveners, roundtable conveners, panels and presenters, and individual paper presenters.)


Virtual Conference FAQ 

(Please check back regularly for updates.)


General information about the move to a virtual conference:

  • Why are we switching our annual conference?
  • Why now? Couldn’t this decision have been made and announced any sooner?
  • Who will plan the virtual conference?


Let us know what your panel/roundtable/seminar wishes to do in 2020:

  • What will the virtual conference look like?
  • How do I let the GSA know what my panel wants to do?


Postponing to 2021:

  • My group (panel, roundtable, seminar) would prefer to meet in person. Can we postpone until 2021?
  • What if some people on the panel want to present this year virtually, but others don’t?


Special 2020 Conference Events:

  • Will there be an Arts Night?
  • What about the Award Ceremony?


Presenting in 2020:

  • What will I need to participate in the virtual conference?
  • Will papers be delivered live?
  • How will seminars work?
  • Will there be an option for pre-recorded (asynchronous) presentations, and if so, will there be an option for us to get and give feedback during the conference?
  • If I agreed to be a commentator or moderator but don’t want to be in that function anymore, can I be replaced?
  • Will sessions be recorded?
  • How can we guarantee that no one downloads the recording and uses it without my permission?
  • I live in a different timezone than the other panelists. Can we request a time so that everyone can easily present together?


2020 Conference Registration:

  • How will conference registration and fees work?
  • Wait, isn’t Zoom free? Why should a virtual conference cost as much as an in-person conference?
  • How will we support participation of all members, especially those who have been most deeply impacted by the financial hit of COVID?
  • I can’t attend the conference this year. Can I donate the cost of my registration fee to someone in financial need?


Questions for Publishers and Exhibitors:

I’m a publisher/similar group: 

  • ​I want to advertise in the program. How can I?
  • How can I feature my books and meet with potential authors, etc.?


Other Questions:

  • What can I do to help make the 2020 Annual Conference a positive experience?