Exhibitor registration information 2020

We will send out this letter with the questionnaire at the bottom to publishers by August 15. If we miss you, please accept our apologies and email me to make sure I have your most recent contact information at operations@thegsa.org. The information you need is below, including the link to the questionnaire to fill out at the bottom. - Benita Blessing, Operations Director). 

14 August 2020

Dear publishers and exhibitors,


As you may know, German Studies Association will be holding an entirely virtual conference this year in lieu of our planned conference in Washington, D.C. I’m Benita Blessing and I’m the Operations Director for the GSA. Please add my email address (operations@thegsa.org) to your contacts to help reduce the possibility of GSA-related emails sent to spam.


Thanks so much for your ongoing patience this year. You are a vital part of our community, and members have been happy and relieved to learn that they will be able to peruse titles, discuss book projects with you, and purchase materials from you during the conference virtually.


The conference will begin with kick-off events on Sept. 29, with sessions held Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 11-4pm Eastern Time, in order to accommodate most of the time zones of our members. I will post the schedule once it is ready to be viewed on our conference website at our virtual conference vendor OpenWater. The schedule will be posted on our homepage at thegsa.org. Currently you can find all updates, registration information and FAQs there. As vendors and exhibitors, you should look out for our major events time slots, held on Thursday and Saturday from 2:30-4pm.


Registration for vendors and exhibitors is only $200, and includes registration for as many of your representatives as want to attend. Please note that only registered exhibitors will be displayed on our conference website when it goes live.


You can see a sample page for an exhibitor on a conference website hosted by OpenWater *here*.


Here are some things you might consider as you look at that page:


  • On the left bar, you can list your logo and publisher website and contact information of your representatives; note that you can also include a button below with a “click here to schedule a meeting with us” option. You can set up how you want that to work; some options might be a shared document that members can sign up for time slots in, a scheduler program if you use one, or it can go straight to an email request. 
  • Near that button will also be a button for members to register for GSA-level give-aways in order to encourage visitors to sites; after the conference, we will have random drawings. It is also possible for you to have a button with a give-away drawing specific to you. (I will send you the spreadsheet of everyone who visited your site after the conference.)
  • On the top right, you can include a short video or slideshow or image highlighting recent titles, introducing yourself and your focus, etc. 
  • Underneath the video/image, you can include links to your website and any other information (such as an ordering form, a promotional code, etc.).
  • There is also a space for any social media sites you maintain. 


At your earliest convenience, please complete the survey here (*GSA Exhibitor Form*) where I will ask you whether you plan to exhibit, and if yes, to provide as much as the information above as possible as well as a tentative list of names and email addresses of representatives likely to attend. 


It will be possible to edit much of this information later, but it would help us out considerably if you could at least start the process by filling out what you do know now.


Please share this email and the link to the questionnaire with colleagues. And please contact our Executive Director Prof. David Barclay (director@thegsa.org) or me (operations@the gsa.org) with any questions, concerns, and suggestions.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Benita Blessing, PhD

Operations Director, the German Studies Association




Instructor, World Languages and Cultures

Oregon State University

Kidder Hall 210

Corvallis, OR 97330





Secretary, Epsilon chapter of Phi Beta Kappa

Oregon State University