GSA 2023 Audiovisual Information

[from Charles Fulton, GSA AV Director]

Dear GSA participants,

I’m writing about the audiovisual arrangements at the GSA conference in Montréal, Québec, this year.

Each meeting room is equipped for visual display. Most have an LCD projector (“beamer”) and screen; the suites on the 7th and 32nd-35th floors have LCD televisions. In both cases, the A/V connection is HDMI. If you are coming with a Mac laptop or any other computer which does not have an HDMI port, please ensure that you also bring an adapter. If you don’t have an adapter or forget yours, the GSA will have a limited number of adapters available at the Registration Desk.

Each of you should bring your own laptop or other presentation equipment. The GSA does not provide laptops, and you can’t plug a USB (“thumb”) drive into the hotel’s projectors.

A limited number of rooms are also equipped with sound: Salon 1, Salon 3, Salon Musset, Salon Hémon, Drummond East, and Ballroom East. Connection to your laptop or other device is with a standard headphone-style cable. In addition, the suites on the 7th and 32nd-35th floors have sound through the HDMI connection to the LCD televisions.These are the only rooms where the GSA has provided sound.

Wireless internet access will be available from Thursday throughout the conference space, including in your presentation rooms. The network name is Sheraton_Conference and the access code is GSA2023.

If you would like to do a tech check with your presentation computer, we'll be glad to give you a hand at the Registration Desk any time between sessions through Saturday at 11:30 AM. The Registration Desk will be located on the fourth level of the hotel.

This year, the GSA has contracted with the hotel for all audiovisual support and equipment. Each room will have a card with a number to call to speak to a technician. Tech support may also be obtained at the GSA registration desk until 11:30 AM on Saturday, October 7.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.


Charles Fulton
AV Director
German Studies Association