Interdisciplinary Networks

Interdisciplinary networks are platforms tasked with focusing sustained interdisciplinary attention on topics of interest to the GSA membership by distributing calls for papers and forming panel series for the annual conference on a regular basis. Networks also have maintained list-serves, blog sites, and webpages, and have developed publications (journal issues and book volumes) derived from their panel activities.

GSA networks are formed in consultation with the GSA’s standing Interdisciplinary Network Committee, comprising all network coordinators, and its co-chairs. Network coordinators are nominated by the IC co-chairs and confirmed by the GSA President and Executive Director for three-year terms. 

Interdisciplinary Committee Co-Chairs

Heather Mathews, Pacific Lutheran University (2019-2021)
Winson Chu, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (2018-2020)

1. Asian German Studies

Douglas McGetchin, Florida Atlantic University (2017-2019)
Joanne Miyang Cho, William Paterson University (2017-2019)

2. Black Diaspora Studies

Tiffany Florvil, University of New Mexico (2016-2020)
Vanessa Plumly, SUNY New Paltz (2018-2020)
Nancy Nenno, College of Charleston (2019-2021)

3. Body Studies

Kristen Ehrenberger, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (2019-2021)
Michael Hau, Monash University (2019-2021)
Heikki Lempa, Moravian College (2019-2021)
Jill Suzanne Smith, Bowdoin College (2019-2021)

4. Comics Studies 

Sylvia Kesper-Biermann, Universität Hamburg (2018-2020)
Lynn Kutch, Kutztown University (2018-2020)
Brett Sterling, University of Arkansas (2018-2020)

5. Digital Humanities | Website

Kurt Fendt, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2017-2019)
Anke Finger, University of Connecticut (2017-2019)
Shelley E. Rose, Cleveland State University (2017-2019)

6. Emotion Studies

Derek Hillard, Kansas State University (2014-2019)
Erika Quinn, Eureka College (2018-2020)
Holly Yanacek, James Madison University (2018-2020)

7. Environmental Studies

Christina Gerhardt, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (2017-2019)
Timothy Scott Brown, Northeastern University (2018-2020)
Joela Jacobs, University of Arizona (2019-2021)

8. Family and Kinship

Margareth Lanzinger, University of Vienna (2017-2019)
Eleanor ter Horst, University of South Alabama (2017-2019)
Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge, University of Tennessee (2017-2019) 

9. GDR Studies and German Socialisms

April Eisman, Iowa State University (2018-2020)
Sonja Klocke, University of Wisconsin at Madison (2018-2020)

10. Law and Legal Cultures

Barnet Hartston, Eckerd College (2016-2019)
Todd Herzog, University of Cincinnati (2016-2019) 

11. Memory Studies

Ben Nienass, California State University at San Marcos (2017-2019)
Katja Wezel, University of Pittsburgh (2017-2019)
Jenny Wustenberg, York University (2017-2019)

12. Music and Sound Studies

David Imhoof, Susquehanna University (2015-2019)
Kira Thurman, University of Michigan (2016-2019)
Amy Wlodarski, Dickinson College (2018-2020)
Jeff Hayton, Wichita State University (2019-2021)

13. Queer and Trans Studies

Kyle Frackman, University of British Columbia (2019-2021)
Laurie Marhoefer, University of Washington (2019-2021)
Carrie Smith, University of Alberta (2019-2021)

14. Religious Cultures

C.J. Jones, Notre Dame (2017-2019)
Lisa Silverman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2018-2020)
Beverly Weber, University of Colorado-Boulder (2019-2021)

15. Swiss Studies

Peter Meilaender, Houghton College (2016-2019)
Hans Rindisbacher, Pomona College (2016-2019) 

16. Teaching

Elizabeth Drummond, Loyola Marymount University (2019-2021)
Andrew Evans, SUNY New Paltz (2019-2021)
Rachael Huener, Macalester College (2019-2021)
Kristopher Imbrigotta, University of Puget Sound (2019-2021)

17. Visual Culture

Daniel Magilow, University of Tennessee (2017-2019)
Kristin Schroeder, University of Virginia (2019-2021)

18. War and Violence

Katherine Aaslestad, West Virginia University (2018-2020)
Kathrin Maurer, University of Southern Denmark (2018-2020)