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Thank you for your interest in the German Studies Association. We encourage you to e-mail us with questions or comments - or visit us on Twitter and Facebook!

For questions on membership, conference registration, website issues, and the status of printed copies of German Studies Review, please contact the Johns Hopkins University Press Customer Service Department:

Phone: 1-800-548-1784

International: +1 410 516 6987

Fax: 410-516-3866


Mail: The Johns Hopkins University Press

P.O. Box 19966 Baltimore, MD 21211-0966 USA  

For all general inquiries, including conference matters not related to registration, please contact GSA Operations Director Jennifer L. Jenkins.  

Dr. Jennifer L. Jenkins

GSA Operations Director


For inquiries about membership benefits and categories, please contact GSA Treasurer Thomas Haakenson.

Dr. Thomas O. Haakenson

GSA Treasurer

German Studies Association

1128 - 2nd Street #108

Sacramento, CA 95814-3220


For business arrangements, Board matters, and other official relationships, please contact GSA Executive Director Margaret E. Menninger.

German Studies Association

Prof. Margaret Menninger

Associate Professor of History, Texas State University

Executive Director

PO Box 407 51

Austin, TX 78704-9998 USA


Prof. Janet Ward

GSA President

University of Oklahoma

Department of History

455 West Lindsey St. Room 403A

Norman, OK 73019-2004


Prof. Sara F. Hall

GSA Vice President

Acting Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs (Spring 2021)

Associate Professor of Germanic Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

University of Illinois Chicago


Nina Mondré Schweppe

GSA Communications and Strategic Initiatives Manager