interdisciplinary networks

Interdisciplinary networks are platforms tasked with focusing sustained interdisciplinary attention on topics of interest to the GSA membership by distributing calls for papers and forming panel series for the annual conference on a regular basis. Networks also have maintained list-servs, blog sites, and webpages, and have developed publications (journal issues and book volumes) derived from their panel activities.

GSA networks are formed in consultation with the GSA’s standing Interdisciplinary Network Committee, comprising all network coordinators, and its co-chairs. Network coordinators are nominated by the IC co-chairs and confirmed by the GSA President and Executive Director for three-year terms. 

Interdisciplinary Network Committee Co-Chairs

1. Asian German Studies

2. Black and Diaspora Studies

3. Body Studies

4. Comics Studies 

5. Digital Humanities

6. Emotion Studies

7. Environmental Studies | Listserv

8. Family and Kinship

9. GDR and German Socialisms

10. Law and Legal Cultures

11. Linguistics and Language Studies

12. Medieval and Early Modern German Studies

13. Music and Sound Studies

14. Queer and Trans Studies

15. Swiss Studies

16. Teaching

17. Visual Culture

18. War and Violence