40th anniversary podcast series

Anniversary Podcast Series

The Johns Hopkins University Press developed a special podcast series to celebrate the German Studies Association's 40th anniversary.

The series examines the GSA’s founding, the success of the annual meeting and the organization’s future plans. Through interviews with current leaders and the organization's stalwarts, including founder Gerald Kleinfeld, the series showcases the pieces of the puzzle which make GSA a leader in its field.

You can listen to the six episodes below or download them to your computer or mobile device for later.

Episode 1: The German Studies Association Story

A conversation between a group of scholars at a conference in Arizona in 1976 led to the creation of the group we now know as the German Studies Association. Learn about the group's development and success from some of the key figures in its 40-year history.

Episode 2: The Program Committee

The GSA Annual Meeting features more than 300 sessions for around 1,400 scholars. Some of the association member swho have led this effort talk about the work which goes into creating the program each year.

Episode 3: The Social Network

Regular annual meeting attendees know that the real action can sometimes take place outside the meeting rooms. Association officials work hard to make sure the conversations which launch friendships and research alike flourish during the meeting.

Episode 4: Innovation

GSA has had a long tradition of finding new ways to welcome research and discussion. With the growth of the seminars program, this tradition is alive and well. Listen to some of the people involved in innovative programs over the years discuss their importance.

Episode 5: Serving Members

GSA started with a group of young academics who wanted to band together to increase their influence in the field. The commitment to that continues today as graduate students, new PhDs and those from smaller institutions play key roles in the association.

Episode 6: The Future of GSA

The association continues to grow in size and influence. Efforts are already under way to set the course for the next 40 years and beyond, including an innovative fundraising campaign.


GSA Announces Fundraising Effort

The German Studies Association is embarking on a fundraising effort and seeks contributions from members and non-members alike to help grow its Endowment Fund. This will help ensure a healthy future for the 2,100 member organization and its numerous activities and benefits, including a robust annual conference, its scholarly journal, travel grant program, enhanced technology, expanded collaboration and communication opportunities, a sound administrative structure, and more.