Moderators and Commentators Wanted!

Every year, the Program Committee looks for volunteers who are willing to step in as moderators and commentators for incomplete panels. This year, we have a form to fill out on the submission site!

Please click here: Moderator and Commentator Application (

You'll need to be a 2019 member to apply.

There are two important rules to remember:

  1. You can only have two roles in the conference. This includes moderating, commenting, and any kind of presentation. If you've already applied for two roles in the conference, please don't fill out this application.
  2. Graduate students can't be commentators. This applies to people who will be students at the time of the conference. If you're a student now but you'll have your degree in October, you're welcome to comment!

The official form will be available until 1 May 2019 at midnight Eastern Standard Time, though we hope you'll apply as soon as possible -- the sooner you apply, the more chance you'll have of being included. If you aren't selected as part of the program initially, however, we may still ask you to substitute for a late withdrawal.

Thanks so much for your help, and we'll see you in October!