Post-conference updates (5 Oct.)

Questions about the conference 

  • You can find the PDF of this year's program under the "conference">>previous conferences tabs on our GSA homepage.

Operations (including me) will be taking off a few days to get some rest and catch up on our "other" full-time jobs this week. Please be patient as we work through the many emails, and thanks for understanding that those of who helped organize the conference will be away from email this week. 

We'll post answers to your questions about the conference (recordings etc.) as we work with OpenWater. Some of the updates were new for us, so please be patient while we get the post-conference questions addressed. 

Questions about membership issues (annual/lifetime membership, copies of receipts for conference registration, etc.) should be addressed to JHUP. They only handle those issues, so won't be able to answer other questions. You can contact them under "contact us" on our "about GSA" tab on the homepage.

Please do help amplify scholars' voices by tagging us on Twitter when you tweet about the amazing sessions you attended. 


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Arts Night 2021: Max Czollek & Sasha Marianna Salzmann

Join us for a virtual GSA Arts Night to kick off this year’s conference with two special guests:

Max Czollek & Sasha Marianna Salzmann

In-yer-face-Germany: From Postmigrant Theater to De-Integration

Reading and Conversation with Johanna Schuster-Craig and Olivia Landry

Tuesday, September 28th, 2pm EDT / 20Uhr MESZ

Veranstaltung in deutscher Sprache, Diskussion deutsch und englisch. 

We gratefully acknowledge support from the DAAD and 1014.

The event will be hosted virtually via this website. Click *here* for the schedule link.

Arts Night Poster 2021

In theater congresses such as the “Radikale jüdische Kulturtage,” in essays such as Desintegriert Euch!, in debates, performances, workshops, lyric poetry, plays and novels, Max Czollek and Sasha Marianna Salzmann have been exploring the continually reconfigured “We” that today characterizes and polarizes German society. They ask how this “we” has been defined in relation to different “others”– after the end of World War II, after the labor recruitment treaty with Turkey in 1961, after reunification in 1990, and after the migrations of post-Soviet Jews to Europe? And how have new voices – Czollek and Salzmann among them... Read more

GSA Program Updates and Errata

Please check back here regulary for updates and corrections to the program. 

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Call for Auditors, GSA 2021


Dear Colleagues:

This year’s GSA Conference in Indianapolis will again feature a number of three-day seminars. As in the past, this year’s conference will also allow for a limited number of auditors to attend individual seminar streams. Auditors attend the seminar but are not formal participants, so they may take on other presenting roles at the conference. Please note that the specific roles and rules for auditors will be defined by the respective seminar conveners.

If you are interested in auditing a seminar, please contact and apply to the seminar’s convenors directly. Below you will find a list of seminars available for auditors, including information about whether the seminar is in-person or virtual. Due to space restrictions and other considerations, we must ask convenors not to admit more auditors to their seminars than the number specified. The number of auditors is limited to six regardless of the number of conveners and active participants. 

Sincerely yours,

Margaret Eleanor Menninger, Executive Director of the GSA

Vance Byrd, 2021 GSA Program Director

Elizabeth Drummond, Chair of the GSA Seminar Committee

Richard Langston, GSA Seminar... Read more

Summer newsletter

Dear GSA members and friends,

Our first-ever *Summer Newsletter* has arrived. It will arrive in members' email inboxes shortly, or you can read it *here*. Read more

GSA Preliminary Schedule, 45th Annual Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues of the GSA:

Here is a *preliminary schedule with the times*, and names of panels/seminars/roundtables and the names of the participants. Please check it carefully and let us know of corrections on this *change form* by August 10. The final program is due shortly thereafter and we will be unable to make changes to the printed program after that point.

As you check this, we ask that you note the following:

  • All session times are parallel. That is to say, there are virtual AND in-person sessions in each time slot because some attendees in Indianapolis are also participating in virtual sessions.
    • All session times are Eastern Daylight Time. You can check what time it will be for you during the conference using a time zone converter such as this one: *Time and Date*
  • We have done our best to comfortably accommodate presenters in as many time zones as possible. It is not possible to avoid all late nights or early mornings. This may also mean that the order of some panel series has changed; this was unavoidable and we will renumber the panels to reflect their new order.
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Exhibitor/Publisher Information, GSA 2021

New! If you are a publisher or exhibitor and have registered for the conference, you should be able to log in to the OpenWater website using these directions; if you used OpenWater before, you might be able to get in without resetting a password.

  • Go to
  • Click on Login
  • Enter the same email address that you registered with/sent to the Operations Director
  • Click on 'I Don't Have a Password'
  • You'll be emailed a login link
  • If you get an error message, we probably need to re-enter your email; just email the Operations Director ( and we'll take care of that. 

New! email, sent 31 Aug, 2021:

Dear Publishers and Exhibitors,

We thank those of you who have already sent us your materials already. For those of you who have not yet done so, or who are still on the fence, we will have a much smaller conference in Indianapolis than we had hoped. However, the folks there will, I know, be very happy to see their first exhibit of books in over... Read more

Conference updates + updated schedule + FAQs: Indianapolis in-person and virtual (28 Sept. 2021)

Sept. 28, 2021

Thank you for your patience as we organize our first hybrid (virtual and in-person sessions) conference, September 30-October 3 2021. You can find the latest conference information on the current conference page.  

GSA Program Schedule, PDF:

  • An archival record of the conference schedule is available under the "conference">>"previous conferences" tabs at the top of our homepage. 
  • Click here to access the *GSA 45th Annual Conference Schedule* as a PDF, updated regularly!
    • Please note: We will continue to make effort to keep this schedule updated within 48 hours. You will see withdrawals, changes in modalities or time, and other edits noted in red next to the session title. Please email Operations Director Dr. Benita Blessing if you need to make a change, or see an error. Thank you for your help and patience!


  • ​​You can now log in here to the *Virtual Conference Platform.* Your GSA membership must be current, and you must be registered for the conference for access. (Exhibitors, we will send you access information separately.) The site is still under construction, but take a look around and check back regularly for
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Reminder: CfA, GSA Community Fund, Round 1 (June 1)

Dear colleagues, 

Please share widely this reminder for the CfA for the first round of *Community Fund applications* (June 1). 


The GSA Community Fund seeks to support in particular recent PhDs and precariously employed and contingent faculty – including lecturers, adjuncts, non tenure-track colleagues, and visiting faculty – who are presenting at the annual GSA conference, which this year takes place from 30 September to 3 October 2021. Independent scholars and other educators in financially precarious positions are also eligible to apply. 

However, if funds are available, grants may be made to those individuals simply to attend the conference, with priority given to unaffiliated scholars and to graduate students in German Studies and related fields. 

Please also consider *donating to the fund* to help support GSA members for this year's and future conferences. 

Questions? Please email **.

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Letter of Concern to Georgia Convention and Visitor Bureaus

April 26, 2021

William Pate, President and CEO ( Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Joseph Marinelli, President ( Visit Savannah

Jay Markwalter, Executive Director ( Georgia Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus

Dear Mr. Pate, Mr. Marinelli, and Mr. Markwalter:

The leaders of the undersigned learned societies and associations wish to register our alarm and disappointment about the passage of SB 202. Our organizations are planning to hold, have recently held, or will be considering holding conventions in Atlanta, Savannah, and other cities in Georgia. These conventions bring thousands of attendees to the state, along with millions of dollars in local revenue. However, the grave concerns we share about this legislation force us to reconsider whether we can in good conscience bring our meetings to your state.

The many scholars and teachers who participate in our professional conferences include experts who have made a life’s work of the study of democracies, elections, and social justice. Moreover, all of us are personal stakeholders in the American democratic process, and thus are affected by this legislation. One thing all of us have learned from the ongoing movement... Read more